How to choose your photographer; from a brides point of view!

Updated: May 9, 2020

I know I am a wedding photographer and it would be so easy to end this blog with 'So choose me, I am the photographer you are looking for' but thats not what this blog post is about. As a bride myself and I'm not sure if its because I'm a photographer myself but finding a wedding photographer is proving to be the most frustrating thing!

I would consider the photographer one of the most important decisions of the whole wedding planning, these are your forever memories, the photographs are what reminds you of your special day, its what you show your children, your friends, your family, anyone really. There are so many different elements I consider when enquiring about the photographer and I have made a checklist of mine to hopefully help other brides that are struggling as much as me.

Photographer Checklist:

These are the things I consider when choosing/enquiring a photographer:

- Do I like there editing style? This is a major one for me, I love the dark tones and deep green colours creating an earthy, boho style. This has become a popular style and I try to achieve something similar to this within my own work. My theme is earthy, botanical, whimsical, all things natural and for me this style is exactly what I'm looking for. (See Images below).

- What type of shots do they capture? I really, really dislike shots that have been staged and look unnatural. I want the majority of my wedding album to be candid, at least 80%. Of course you need a few staged shots with the family and portraits of you and your new husband/wife but not every shot has to be like that. I adore photographers that capture emotion and moments you might not have seen during the day, its all about re-living your big day through still images so the style of shots are really important. Some people love there images to be more staged, maybe theatrical which is absolutely fine and there are photographers that smash that style but for my own work and my wedding I love anything natural.

- What are the prices? I consider my packages to be in between the world of wedding photography prices, so i expect to pay a bit more than what I charge. I actually never knew how much people charged until i started looking myself so was a little surprised. As I want a videographer as well as a photographer I have noticed that getting one company to do both works out cheaper. The photographer I am highly interested in offers both and adding videography is only an extra £700 rather than paying an extra £1500-£2500 for a separate company. I honestly don't think you can put a price on your photographer. I see so many people paying between £200-£400 for full day coverage and not getting the images they were hoping for. Some peoples budget are a lot tighter and I can't afford to splash out thousands of pounds however I would really consider paying that extra couple of hundred for a great photographer, so you can have confidence that your special day will be captured perfectly.

- When do you book your photographer? I get married in 2 years time and I am looking to book very soon as photographers and videographers get booked up years in advance I have previously found a photographer that i LOVED and they already have my date booked which is 18/06/2022! You can never be too organised and before you know it your wedding day will be around the corner so get booking asap! Especially with everything that has been going on, the majority of my bookings have had to schedule for 2021 which means people that were getting married in 2021 before this all happened are going to struggle as all photographers are trying to cater for everyone fairly. My advice would be to book one as soon as you find one before its too late.

- Do you and your partner love their work? As a photographer my boyfriend has left the decision to me however I still need his opinion and reassurance I am making the right decision. He claims he can never tell the difference between the photographers I show him but knowing I have shown him makes me feel better about making a decision. It's both of your day and you both have to get on with your photographer so its really important you both love the choice!

Photography Inspo - Here are a few images off Pinterest that I love! I love the tones, the earthy editing style and the moments captured.

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