A little positive note for couples changing their wedding date xo

Updated: May 11, 2020

The majority of my couples have had to change their wedding date to next year due to Covid-19 and I honestly feel so bad for people planning there wedding this year. Its supposed to be magical with a little bit of stress but with everything going on the magic is soon disappearing and I can imagine the stress is increasing.

BUT with every cloud there is a sliver lining, and remember that. Having it a year later gives you the opportunity to save up for things you previously couldn't afford, or plan extra surprises or even just use this time to sit back and relax if you already have everything planned.


Always think of the positives! Book that videographer you wanted but couldn't afford, book that band that wasn't available on your original wedding date, save up and have an amazing honeymoon - you deserve it!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Listen to your first dance song - Me and my boyfriend always do this and it gets me so excited for my big day.

  2. Get all dressed up, cook a lovely meal and have a date night.

  3. Book those suppliers you were struggling to get for your original date.

  4. Have a celebration on the day you were supposed to get married. It can still be a special day, and I'm sure it will get you even more excited about your wedding day.

  5. Put your wedding playlist on full blast and dance the day/night away.

  6. Focus on some DIY's that you didn't previously have time for.

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