How to make the most of lockdown and planning your wedding!

Updated: May 9, 2020

This lockdown is a crazy time for all of us and trying to stay positive can be difficult. The last week or so has been a bad one for me, I just crave normality. I miss my friends, I miss going to the shops without it being a massive effort, I miss the pub.. a lot but I have found that focusing on the positives helps the day pass. Being on lockdown is a perfect time to plan your wedding, you have so much time on your hands so why not get your entire wedding planned ready for when lockdown is over.

I started by making a spreadsheet of everything I needed to book or buy for the wedding which has helped massively, its a great way to manage what you have done and what you haven't done. This checklist consists of individual decor I need to buy(Yeah, when I say plan.. I mean plan), gifts, bookings, wedding attire, stationary, literally everything. I have also included links to websites I have seen the stuff I want to buy or book so its easier for when I have the money; I can just go straight to the website and sort it. People might think this is too much but honestly its helping me, so give it a go and see if it helps you too.

Can you ever be to organised?

Below I have attached a snippet of my spreadsheet for you too see how I am staying organised. Not a lot is done as I still have 2 years but as soon as lockdown is done I cant wait to tackle Ikea and start buying the little things that will soon creep up on me. If you have space to store why not buy your decor early? If your paying someone to dress your venue then you don't need to worry about decor but I have always wanted to do it myself, my vision, my creativity. Whenever I see things I like i buy it and store it, If i don't use it (But I am sure I will somewhere) I can sell it or gift it; you never want to regret not buying something and then never finding it again. For example I bought some cute blush pink candles I was going to scatter on the top table, I think they had gone from £3 to 50p each so I couldn't not buy them, however I don't want them on the top table anymore so I have decided to use them in the bridesmaid boxes. If you didn't want them in your wedding at all sell them, there are plenty of brides and grooms out there constantly looking for items they can buy especially on Facebook so I don't think you will have a problem selling anything. You could even put certain items around your house, the candles I bought are lovely so If i hadn't of found a different use for them I probably would have just used them myself.

Will my ideas change?

Yes! My ideas change all the time however I am going for quite a neutral, botanical theme so anything I buy I'm sure I can still use. I haven't got a colour theme, my bridesmaids will be in ivory as I have always wanted a blush dress (But thats another blog post), my flowers will be whites and creams and I think having such a neutral theme makes it easier for me if my ideas change a little and I have already purchased items. However if you have changed your theme or colour scheme and have items that fit your original idea, start a DIY project and change the colour to fit your theme. There are so many DIY ideas out there for weddings and I have a few I want to try out so when I do I will blog it and see what you all think.

So make the most of this unusual time and get your wedding planned!

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